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For me it’s all the same dance. My muse wants to at least dance with a lot of partners. In the end, I find everything is connected: the grid for peyote beadwork is the same space-filling configuration of spheres on which I design my labyrinths, which translates perfectly into fused glass work with short lengths of round glass rods. The Fibonnaci series, embedded in the golden ratio, is the bones of icosahedrons, which are geodesic domes, which are three dimensional variants of my triaxial weaving.

I was the kid who spent more time on a book report cover than on the book report. In fifth grade I did a report on DaVinci, with the words on the cover reversed so they had to be read in a mirror, as DaVinci’s writing in his notebooks.



still under construction!watercolor


triaxial weaving


paper constructions



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