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Our time is now ended, our lives are shorter
and now we look carefully;
what have we done?
Noble truth, with all of our hearts,
let us be diligent, engaging in the practice.
Every day, let us check our progress
and see that we grow a little;
broaden our attitudes,
reduce our selfishness,
and make us better masters over our own body, senses, and mind.
Let us live deeply, free from our afflictions,
aware of impermanence, 
so that life does not drift away without meaning.

my dad introduced me to this poem when I was a child. I print it out and give it to all evangelists

or campaigners of any ilk

who come to my door,

and ask

“What part of the elephant are you hanging onto?”.

with thanks to Marilyn Olsen, a yoga teacher in Thurmont, MD

for introducing the quote at left