traditional rug hooking and beyond

complete rug hooking supplies:

Puritan frames, strip cutters, hooks, wool yard goods and fat quarters, precut size 6 strips, dyes, linen foundations, books, patterns, our own original kits, samples

Articles I've written in Rug Hooking magazine:

spring 1993 "Beyond Our Borders" article on cross-media study
January 1993 "Knowing How" article on teaching
fall 1992 Celebrations 2 reprint of "What Do I Need First?"
Sept./Oct. 1992 letter on safety issues with natural dyes
March/April/May 1992 article and diagrams/illustrations on Oriental Rugs
Nov./Dec.1990 "Color and Palettes" article and some visuals (NOTE: an editorial assistant, without checking, replaced the correct word "green" with the incorrect word "yellow" in the mention of mixing light in this piece. I knew, and wrote, the correct information: the primaries when mixing light (as on a TV screen) are red, blue and green.)
March/April 1990: "
Materials for Rug Hooking" article and illustrations
(NOTE: an editorial assistant, without checking, replaced every use of the correct word "retting" with the incorrect word "rotting" numerous times in this piece. A correction was included on a flyleaf of a subsequent issue. Irks me still.)
Nov./Dec.1989: "
What Do I Need First?" (equipment primer) article and photos
July/Aug.1989: "
Choose One From Column A" (design for novice) article and illustrations  


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